Community Partners of Virginia, Inc. provides digital disclosure packages and certificates of resale in accordance with the provisions of the Property Owners Association Act and the Virginia Condominium Act as amended July 1, 2019.

The charge for either of these packages is $263.00 which includes an inspection of exterior improvements and the lot. If a printed copy is needed please indicate on the electronic order form in the special instructions section. The charge for a hardcopy of the disclosure package is an additional $29.00 Payment can be collected at closing using the enclosed invoice. An invoice for a $58.00 post closing fee is also included and is to be paid by the purchaser.

Preparation of package, including the inspection, usually takes about 10 business days. Rush handling for a package needed in 5 business days is available for an additional $58.00.

All disclosure package requests for improved lots require an inspection of the lot and exterior of the dwelling that is conducted by our staff during normal business hours. Unless specifically excluded by homeowner association documents, this inspection includes the sides and rear of the lot.

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Is this package needed within 5 business days? Rush orders have an additional fee.